Parga is a seaside town located in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Preveza.

It is built amphitheatrically on the hill Pezovolos at an altitude of 139 metres up to the shores of the Ionian Sea and boasts a population of 2,415 inhabitants. It is a historical seat of the municipality of Parga while the municipal unit of Parga boasts a population of 3,904 inhabitants. The seat of the municipality is Kanallaki but Parga is the economic, commercial and tourist center of the area. Agia, Anthousa and Livadari are all local communities which belong to the municipal community.

It comes as no surprise that Parga is nicknamed the “Princess of the Ionian” as it is charming, unique, mysterious, with a long rich history and numerous spots of natural beauty.


Today, Parga is by far the busiest tourist resort in the area. Kryoneri, Piso Kryoneri, Valtos and Sarakiniko in the west, Lichnos and Ai Giannakis in the east are all main beaches located nearby.

Just opposite the city lies the picturesque Island of Panagia on which a church as well as medieval Venetian and French buildings can be admired.

Parga is the most popular tourist destination of Epirus, built on the outskirts of the Venetian castle and clearly influenced by Ionian architecture.

Within a fifteen-kilometre distance from Parga lies the most important ancient monument in the area.

This is the most important necromancy site of the ancient world, the Necromancy site of Acheron. The ancient Greeks believed that the riverheads of Acheron were the Gates of the Underworld.

source: wikipedia